Making Waves

Well, we've been officially blown away by our first few months here in our new home.  Since we started this gig, we have been overwhelmed with gratitude for our amazing clients, all of whom we view as friends. We've had the good fortune of having some of the best people in the business join our team, and we are rolling full steam ahead into becoming a well-oiled machine.

One of the best compliments we could have is when our clients say they appreciate the atmosphere-they feel comfortable and their children feel welcome-because that's exactly the space we wanted to create. Whether our covered back patio is used for relaxing and having a drink, or drawn all over with sidewalk chalk makes no difference to us, as long as the people back there feel taken care of. So here's a "Cheers" to many years of good cuts, tight fades, and great times-whatever your age. 

Getting closer....

We are in the final stages of construction at the new Barbershop. 

The question that we are repeatedly asked is "When is the opening date?"... All i can say is "CLOSE"

The ROGUE Barber Company would like to thank all of the people that have helped in this new endeavor, and to the countless others we meet along the way, Thank you too. You are all the reason why we are pushing the limits on what a Barbershop can and will be. Can't wait to get this thing off the ground. The finish line is in sight!

As always fella's "Enter ROGUE... Leave a Gentleman"